6 things I learned from Dan Tyre’s Sales Bootcamp, and how we use them


I am an MD of 2 businesses and have 20 years of sales experience behind me. When I first began to hear about “Inbound” and “Inbound Marketing” I was very interested and could see the value it could bring in 2021.

However, one thing that I felt some people “claimed” about inbound felt wrong to me. The claim I didn’t like went something like this, “The great thing about Inbound is that you put content out there, the customer interacts with it, they then contact you, and there you go, you have a new sales qualified lead… It all seemed rather passive to me and didn’t sit with my experience that people like to be sold to by other people, and that you can’t beat getting on the phone with people to move things forward.

Enter Dan Tyre.

A self-professed “excitable boy” Dan brings the “Big energy”!! As a reserved Yorkshireman it took me a moment to buy-in to Dan’s style, but he won me over in no time, as he is relentlessly positive and encouraging, and most importantly for me, all of his processes are rigorously data-backed and proven to work. In all honesty when Dan said early in the piece, that “the people who made all the calls, win all the business.”- he had me. It was music to my ears after battling with people who wanted to use inbound as a shield from having to use the phone.

As I mentioned I’ve been in sales and using the telephone for 20 years, so what did I learn from the Bootcamp?

1. The Lizard Brain & PAUSE

It’s not a new concept that when making an unscheduled or connect call to a prospect, the first thing you have to do is get past their wary “Lizard Brain”. This is the inbuilt defence mechanism we all have when receiving a call that helps us decide whether it is someone we know and want to talk to; or just another irritating cold caller.  

Dan’s structured approach, and his insistence on the use of a long “Pause” was a revelation to me. More importantly it bore immediate fruit when I used it myself in calls. In fact, throughout the course, all of which was excellent, it is the PAUSE that will be my biggest take-away.

2. All Calls Can be Warm calls.

All calls can be Warm calls, if you do your preparation. Dan even gives a list of “29 Trigger Events” that can provide a reason to make a connect call, and turn it from a “Cold Call” to a “Warm Call”. These events can range from your prospects announcing that they are opening a new office, moving, advertising a new role or even that they have moved firms and might be able to introduce you there.

3. Listen.

Active listening is a crucial sales skill. And this is very much focused on during the course. Dan reinforces this in inimitable Tyre style, asking for a chin stroke to support every “tell me more about that”!

Tell me more about that is also a big takeaway from the course and a phrase every salesperson would do well to use more.

4. You are there to Help your prospects and Customers.

What about those people who are very terse on the phone with you or who seem determined to put off or avoid whatever it is you are trying to talk to them about? Well, simply ask how you can help.

Dan is at pains to point out and share innumerable free tools and support articles that can help people. And once you have given well-targeted, free help cheerfully- then you have a friend for life once they are ready to get into the market.

5. Video

Sales outreach and prospecting are undergoing a video revolution. And although the technology has been around for a while, we are still in the vanguard, and people switching to video now are enjoying first mover advantage.

This is something we are using to great effect at MM:Growth and would love to help your business with: Get in touch with us by visiting our page on Video Marketing.